Best place to get a '78 both quality and price?

Hello and thanks for reading. As the title says I’m looking for the best place for both quality and price to get a '78 mask. If I had to put a budget I’m looking to spend up to 350 and I’m not looking to spend 500+ for a mask which I understand some people would and I definitely can appreciate that, it’s just not I’m my budget to do so. Also I should ask if it would be smart to use a '78 TOTS and have it rehauled? I dont really want to do that as I have TOTS and I dont really care for them and would prefer to go the custom route. Any help would be great on where to start and who to contact.

Also I wanted to quickly shout out AswiftCreation on Etsy for the progress and communication so far on a RZ mask he’s doing up for me and reccomend anyone looking to get an RZ Halloween Myers mask or to get a mask rehauled which I plan on doing with my TOTS in hopes after a rehaul I will be happier with them to definitely check him out I’ll link his etsy page. Thanks again.

Any help would be amazing and again thanks for reading!

A DRM 78 by Rowland Kelly is perfect! Hit him up on Facebook!

That is beautiful! Will definitely find more info about his work! Thanks:)

I’d also go with the DRM78, great mask, under rated imo

Right on, thanks for the help!

I saw an H1SM for sale on the Facebook page last night and it’s a great price.