BEWARE: murder4funfx aka Colton Halstead

Colton Halstead who goes by murder4funfx on eBay, also Greedy Halstead and King Greedy on Facebook, I sold this guy a master copy of my 2020 Kirk/Myers mask. I sent him a urethane master and the silicone mold that it came from. He makes a few copies and then sells the master I gave him to a guy I know. But here’s the problem, then he goes on to sell an additional master! He claims he “split” the rights to this mask to explain how he ended up selling two master copies. He also must have kept the silicone mold as well, so now two guys are producing the same mask. I know I’m not the only artist he’s done this to. Just a fair warning to anybody who chooses to do business with him, he’s a greedy little pig.

Was that the master for this mask?

No prior to that one.

Good deal! I really like that mask. Bought a blank from you on eBay and was planning to talk to you about some more soon. I also bought an NAG blank from murder4funfx that was described as “small”. I thought that would be perfect since I have a small head. Thing was so small it wouldn’t even fit my 18 month old nephew. Useless.