Bloody hands for RZ costume??

Hey guys…Has anyone here ever tried corn syrup blood on your hands for the RZ costume…I tried stage blood lasy year and once it dried it was way too bright…Looked like I went over my hand with a hi-lighter…I dont know anything about the corn syrup mixure other than it gets really sticky…Does it eventually dry out nice? Can you put it on your coveralls for a permanent effect?? If anyone here knows about this stuff or a better blood to use Id greatly appreciate the help…I want to add some blood to my coveralls and I want to make my hands dirty and bloody like Tylers were in the film but have no idea what to use or how to do it…Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

Corn syrup blood will never be permanently dry. All of my screen used costumes and props that have corn syrup blood on them change with the weather. Sometimes its dry and crusty but the more hot and humid it gets the more wet and sticky it becomes. I’ve even seen it get wet enough to drip off of some of my knives. If your going to leave it on your coveralls it may attract ants. I had to shake off about 100 ants from my stunt clown costume 1 time. I remember in the H1 doc from the 3 disc special edition when their dirtying up Daegs hands Wayne mentions something that he came up with to dirty and bloody up the hands without them being wet and messy. I think he called one squirty dirt and I cant remember what he called the blood. I don’t think he mentions how he made them but I heard that he had sold tubes of those 2 things at 1 point so maybe someone here has had them and may know more about it. Hope that helps

Oh yeah man, it helped…Thanks for the info…Corn syrup blood is definitely out of the question…I need something thats gonna look realistic and dry…

i use this. dries and stains very well

Thanks for the link Darkone…Ill try that stuff on my hands and coveralls… Thanks again man