Boogeyman arrived!

So I got my Boogeyman in today, and I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed! The fit is amazing, and both the hair and paint blow away both my H2 and H78! Definitely recommend this for the 60 bucks, and Collector’s Row has some ridiculously short shipping. Here’s a few pics for those who are curious about it. I haven’t really done anything to the hair besides poof up the front a little bit, so I may play around with it a bit more and give it some more detail when I get time.

Is it the same size of the TOTS H78?

Oh no, the 78 feels massive compared to this mask. I had to wear a knit cap or stuff the head on the 78 just for it to fit properly, and it still felt floppy and huge. And it also looks way to big on someone my size imho. This mask is like some others have said, slightly bigger than the H40, or comfortably snug.

Yea I love mine great mask