Boogeyman mask size

Can anyone confirm exactly what size the tots boogeyman is? I have a 24.5" head.

Also any sites stocking the mask in the UK? been waiting weeks to get one from madabouthorror but they sellout almost immediately by the looks of things

It’s like in between the H78 & H18

The 2018 mask won’t go down my face, my eyes sit where the nostrils are and won’t budge :rofl: the h78 is a good fit not loose

The boogeyman would be to small for you then

That depends. I feel like tots mask sizes vary.

Example is the 78, I got mine on first run release and it’s nice and big( since I am unlucky to have a big noggin, I’m lucky) and I got one this year from the spirit halloween since I think the eyes cut look way better than my previous release. The spirit Halloween version is actually a little smaller.

I got the boogeyman mask on first run release and it fits pretty good as well, not as big 78, but definitely booger than h18. Not sure if the size changed after all this time on the boogeyman.

I’d buy the boogeyman just to have since I think it’s the best Myers mask tots has made, see if it fits well.

Yeah the Boogeyman is much bigger than the H18 thankfully even though I have a small head and it really is a perfect fit but again I don’t have a tiny head either, lol. The H18 was still a…good tight? fit on my head if that makes sense. The Boogeyman is around the sizing between a medium TOTS H2 and H78. It will definitely fit folks with a much bigger head that surpasses the H18 small sizing as it fits pretty big on me (The boogeyman) so I added good old velcro on the back to help with a good fit. And I agree! Best myers out there from something like TOTS. Having that thing rehualed from an artist could make such a killer psycho piece. I’ve seen some damn good ones out there. It’s one of the few masks from them that don’t really need anything done to it as stock can look pretty damn good if rehualing isn’t necessary. Having hand laid hair greatly surpasses anything they had done with their past Myers masks besides the H18. It’s a major boost with laid hair done the proper way. Some hair styling and boom ready to go.

I bought the h78 first, and after looking at more and more masks, wish i bought the boogeyman first.
Im still struggling to find any in stock from a UK supplier i usually go to madabouthorror but they sold out instantly with the last restock :myers

Boogyman vs H40

Boogeyman H40 size comparison.jpg
TBH I’m looking into getting another Shape. I saw one at Spirit the other day that seemed a bit smaller than the original I had and also the neck was shorter. I could tell it was newer and was overall a better copy too and had good eye cuts and hair. If I run into another one like that I’m buying it. I will not buy another TOTS Myers mask though without seeing the actual copy first.

The Boogeyman is my favorite H1 mask from TOTS. I do like the H78, but the Boogeyman has the edge for me. The hair used is very nice, and laid well. The only issue I have is it goes down the back a bit too far. But it’s not a deal breaker at all.

The Myers masks with the best quality of hair and the way it’s laid are the Boogeyman, the H18, and now the H4 Poster Mask. If they used this hair and method of laying it on the other masks, it would be great. Not sure why they don’t, but it would improve some of their other Myers offerings.

The regular H4 mask hair is perfect though for what it is, as it’s pretty accurate to how the hair was on the actual mask.

But yeah, the Boogeyman is their best H1. I have seen some of the newer H78 masks at Spirit, and they do appear somewhat smaller and with better eye cuts, so that is a nice improvement there.

Have you ever thought of trimming the hair from the back?? When I received my copy that’s about the first thing I did because it was to long for my liking. The final result was really grate looking. The same length as the unconverted kirks. About the hand laid hair I just wish TOTS would do this more with their Myers masks. People would complain less about how iffy the hairs on these masks can be. When done the proper way it’s a large difference on the hair itself. Said it before but when rehauled the right way the psycho mold really pops out nicely. Just gave it a slit…blew me away how I could see Castles face in the thing.

You’ll find one man no worries! Hopefully they stock up real soon.