Boogeyman (pic heavy)

Hey guys, just finished this TOTS Boogeyman. Did my best to turn it into a Psycho. Hope you like it! :drinkers:

Loving these shots, man!

Thanks man! Getting better with this dslr.

It’s a psycho. Awesome job

great finish!! What’s the hair?

Thanks! its mohair that I sprayed with black

Thats awesome.

Wow… You definitely brought out the Psycho :open_mouth: Looks great!

Yeah, it’s basically a $75 NO Psycho at this rate. Definitely gonna buy one as soon as I can…

This really is a tremendous job…the hair looks incredible

MAN!! Those are great shots! You really captured some killer looks!

Top notch stuff man!

Excellent paint and hair, It looks like a James Carter mask killer job bro

You really did this mask justice man! Makes you realise how important the finish and hairing is to a mask

Looks great! Mike does awesome work.

Incredible work. :rock:

Thank you guys so much for the compliments and support! :slightly_smiling_face: :drinkers:

This looks so good! You did a fantastic job.

WOW, this is the best ToTs I’ve seen. Excellent job on the paint and hair. I just recently found out that ToTs was selling these. I want one.

Great stuff