Brothers Return V2 - H20, Father Phantom

As some of you may know, I owned the screen used H20 Winston mask for around 10 years.

Just before I decided to sell it, I was contacted by Ben from Father Phantom, asking if he could come and visit me to see his favourite mask in person and take some reference photos. So he came to visit, studied the mask in detail.

Recently, Ben sent me one of his Brothers Return V2 masks, painted and haired to look exactly like my original screen used mask.

All the can say, is that this mask is basically identical to the original. In paint, hair, feel, size… it’s as perfect a replica of the H20 mask that I think it’s possible to create.

Thanks Ben! You made my year! Michael Myers is back in his display case, where he belongs… I can’t even tell the difference!

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BTW! Happy Halloween!!

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Beautiful work

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Agree, that is beautiful looking. Nice!!!

thats whatsup

That mask is on my Dream collection list.

that that good h20 mask mayne

Here’s a few comparisons photos under the exact same lighting conditions as the Winston mask!

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Looks great man!

That is amazing… congrats on getting that guy back essentially. I miss my lifesize so much I’m gonna need to make a new one soon, and I’m looking at the "SPECTRE " to be my new mask. Love this work!!


That’s an awesome looking mask!!

This is an awesome and very accurate looking H20 mask! I’ll most likely be getting one of these.

Holy crap, what excellent work he did.

Holy… That could really pass as screenused. Never considered any H20 mask to be better than SSN H20 V2, but this pics really changed my mind. And one question. If you’ve seen Morningside H20, SSN V2 and this in person, which do you consider the best ?

there’s no comparison… Brothers Return V2, the others aren’t all that accurate to be honest.

Here’s some old comparison photos between the Screenused mask and the SSN V2

Yep! That’s Ben and FPS for you. Exquisite work! Congrats on your “mask’s return” to its proper place.

Don’t know how I missed this thread. Did he hook it up and send you the copy free? You’re the man for letting him study your copy as FPS has went on to make themselves the H20 mask go-to with the BRv2 sculpt. Now I can see why it is so accurate!

he’s a talented guy… one of the best.

The Brothers Return V2 is more accurate than the SSN H20 V2?