Care for Hockey masks

I just got two crash hocks and I have a Fibrosport elite medium from Bob at fiberglass. I don’t have them covered by anything. They’re just hanging up loosely by the straps. I plan on hitting then with a air duster every now and again. Not exposed to moisture or sunlight. Anything else I should consider? Thank you

Take my advice with a massive grain of salt. But Aside from not storing them outside where the sun is beating them to death or they are getting soaking wet…I dont think they require any type of preventative anything.

Lol you could be very well correct! I know they’re definitely not as finicky as latex. I was just wondering if there was really anything besides maybe keeping dust off. But that’s MY preference lol. Thanks for the response.

Like it’s already been said sunlight and moisture are your worst enemies with them. Dust can also become a nuisance over time too if not managed properly. Heavy dust build up will start to take part of the mask and seep into and find its way stuck into scratches and other indentions in the mask if not managed and or if you just try to wipe the dust away. As you mentioned using an air duster carefully every so often depending on dust build up is your best bet. Of course being careful and not overdoing it and flash freezing any parts of the mask with the duster. Other than that your all good.

Cool man thanks!