Castle & 98 Proto Comparison

Each are strong in certain areas. I love the Castle but I give the edge to the 98 in this case :pumpkin:
Proto has the paper towel mask holder

The profile on the 98 proto is perfect in my opinion Jay. I still love both of these masks though :myers: :pumpkin:

Thanks Mike. I agree. Here is one more…

Both of these masks are works of art but I agree the edge goes to the 98 Proto.

I’ve always preferred the 98 Proto, but the Castle is no slouch either :slight_smile:

These are the very two I’ve narrowed it down to as well. It will likely all come down to size availability. My forehead is exactly 22" around, so I’m thinking a 23" size is the way to go. I’ll be ordering the blank hopefully within the week, as I finally got the go-ahead from MIM.



Odd I’d go Proto in the first two pics, but Castle in the third. I think the Proto having the (imo) more accurate paint work helps it though.

I see what you mean bud. The Castle is no joke!

Coin toss

You got it Chad :smiley:

Nice masks! I don’t really care for 98 protos as h1s. I think they make great h2s though. Still a nice copy!

Thanks! Absolutely nails the H1 look imo :smiley: :myers:

Wonderful masks, I love the both of them!!

Thanks Colin!

My two favorite masks. love them :slight_smile:

Thanks man! :rock: :myers:

Which one is which? Lol.
I already have a 75k Castle, and also an MMK H1 on the way, looking to possibly get a 98 proto.

2 of the most accurate and h1s I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful.