cgp cancel

paid for bloody tears other week now i kinda regret it i got to wait 4 months and i rather just get another mask. does he flip out if you wanna cancel a week later also if he doesnt you think i could atleast resell to get my 258 back when it comes in.

So is your issue that you dont want the mask, or dont want to wait?

Yeah I really don’t want it anymore I rather have a handiboy

If I’m not mistaken, Nick has a 6 to 9 month waiting list last time I heard. I could be wrong, but I think its in that range. Were you just going to be waiting for one to pop up on the secondary market, or buy one directly from him?

yeah his wait is even longer…i know someone who is ready to sell me one already done from last year for a great price. i emailed terry highly doubt i’ll get a reply back though.

This should be interesting

yeah he will prolly fire back and get upset even tho he wasnt started on it and is far from it. literally will be here in march IF its on time. lol. guess ill cop halloweenman and just sell the bloody tears when it gets here. hell if i keep it till halloween time ebay guys may pay even more than what i spent


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Can a mod delete this trash thread …OP shoulda thought before he spent that money! Halloweenman? Bro cop a 75k castle


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$240 vs. $395

And the thread stays, I’m interested to see if Terry will do the right thing considering he hasn’t even started the work yet.

OP, best of luck to ya brotha.