Collection Shots

I don’t have any “Collection” shots, but here is some stuff “in” my collection. One of these days I’ll take some real collection shots.
Thanks for looking!! :smiley:


Killer masks and setup man!

Great collection you have :smiley:

:sunglasses: how could these not be collection shots?
:rock: :rock: :rock:

Thanks guys!!
Richard :mrgreen: I meant I see a lot of collections in like one pic or two with everything together. These are a bunch of random shots :rolleyes:

Awesome collection Nick :rock: :rock: :rock:

GREAT Collection Nick! I Always Enjoy Looking at your Pics! :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

I’m diggin that '99 Shat and that JC Mad Man 78! NICE collection!!!

Some really fantastic pieces you have in there Nick. Great collection. Thanks for sharing those sweet pics.


You guys are all so great. Thanks so much!! :smiley:

Nick, your collection is a treat for the eyes! Many fantastic pieces, and I love your displays! Great pics brudda! :sunglasses: :rock:

Nice pictures Nick. :slight_smile:

sweet collection, man! thanks for sharing. where do you get those fancy shadow boxes?

Thanks Todd and Scott. Actually my father does wood working as a hobby. I couldn’t find shadow boxes anywhere that fit a Jason hock. I got the $20 ones at Michael’s Crafts and he altered them to make them deeper to fit the hock and I made the dipsplay tags for them.
Thanks again!!!

Wow!!! What a fresh collection!!! You have it all displayed to perfection. From your Mannikins, to your busts, to your masks, everything was placed extremely well, with virtually perfect lighting. Great Job, It was an honor seeing your collection. …ANDY

Man that is an impressive collection right there,Some amazing pieces,I LOVE that trixon part 7 :smiley:

all i have to say is, wow.

I always love seeing your collection Nick always very neat! :rock:
Oh where do you get those cool silver stands?

Thank you my friends. You words mean a lot to me. When I see some of your collections there is no way I could ever compare or live up to them. Your all the best and sure know how to make a guy feel good :mrgreen:

You have a superb collection my friend. never get tired of seeing them! :rock: