Cool Pic of one of our fans from Monsterpalooza!

MR. BILL MOSELY!!! :smiley: :drinkers:

Hey Chris did he ask you for an autograph :laughing: Cool pic man. Mike

Nice!!! :drinkers:

Believe it or not, Bill is a big fan of Trick or Treat Studios, Eric Pigors and the Toxictoons.

Cool pic’s Chris, do you have any more to share with us from Monsterpalooza…Dean

That’s cool Chris. I prob walked right by him and didn’t even know it :open_mouth: What a great pic!!

Billy Mosley!!! He’s my FAVE!!!

If you’re going to take pics like that please stand on a chair… :laughing: :laughing:

Hell yeah!! “Uh…goodnight!” :smiling_imp: