Couple of quick shots!

Well I just had to pull him out today and snap some pics so here you go!

I had to throw this one in here

awesome mask :rock:

Awesome mask and I love that ear!

wow that ear shot is excelent

Nice masks!!! Ahh, we’re you just watching Reservoir Dogs…or Chopper??? :smiley: Great ear shot!

Sick H1 and still learning, so i ask which mask is it? Thanks JIM

Hey thanks guys and im glad you like the ear! My friend wants to make a TCM fan film so he wants to have someones ear get sliced off. The funny thing is I couldnt get any plaster and put it on anyone’s ear so I got my Nightmare myers mask and put gelatin in the ear let it dry and then popped it out. Oh and DEADICATED FAN the mask is an H78 its definitely one of my favorites!

amazing shots!!! the ear thing is totally wicked!!!

Awsome mask, and sick ass ear…Dean

Nice one monsterman and nice ear :open_mouth:


Looks good man, & love the cutting board. :drinkers:

Cool shots… the ear next to the knife is awsome!!!

Thanks guys Im glad you enjoyed the pics and the ear lol :smiley: