Hi all! I was thinking of making this topic, the topic of the huge mystery… coverall colors! I, myself think that the original 1978 coveralls were spruce or olive green color, but other people think it’s grey or navy blue. I want to know what color YOU think the coveralls are, and why you think they are that color. I also wonder if there would ever be the definitive answer to this question. I am aware of the “Definitive Guide” topic, but I have seen in several photos and footage that the coverall color looks a bit different.

check the definitive guide for the definitive answer

it’s been confirmed already

I recommend getting the spruce green Red Kaps.

They are the closet you can get to the original H1 coveralls without spending a ton of money on vintage stuff.

I don’t think that was the question.

Our young fellow here ask about the color, not the coveralls he should buy.

And as it was said by WhipItGouda and RanshiieKrueger84, there’s no need to speculate anymore, just a glance at the Definite Guide ( is enough to learn the solution.

All of your answers are great! I have been aware of the definitive guide, but I have seen in some pictures and footage that the coveralls look like they change color every so often.

Any clothing will appear different colors due to cameras just not capturing light the way our eyes do. Theres always debate about color because even different monitors and their brightness settings can throw off how it actually looks.

I was pretty fixated on olivewood before coming across a pair of gray Big Mac’s. I’ve since put them through the ringer with more alterations then I can recall, however I absolutely love the color and have since leaned towards grey being the accurate “chameleon” color we see on screen.