Creepy Customs

Hey all. Looking for references on Creepy Customs. Looking to purchase a new suit and when I inquired on payment instructions, he gave me a PayPal info and stated the worst… “Friends and Family”
Anyone here ordered a suit from them with this method?


make sure you are talking to connor patrick who is the artist of creepycustoms.

He is legit, you should be fine doing friends and family. If you are not comfortable with it, ask if he can do goods and services

Word. Appreciate the feedback.

Did you order the suit from Creepy Customs?

Has anyone else who got coveralls from Creepy Customs sent Paypal as friends and family?

Connor Patrick from Creepy Customs has a clean record, I think if you send friends and family, he is trustworthy, but do note that it’s better and more protection on your side to do goods and services

I’ve ordered from him using F&F. Coveralls came just as ordered! I also ordered an H2 Scapel recently. Connor is a good dude.

Can vouch for Connor. Top dude and really good prices