Currently working on this 75 Kirk (24")

I am currently working on this TOTS 75 Kirk conversion.
I feel like the most stressful part is getting those eyehole cuts just right. Right now they’re close but, I’m going to use my felt tip dremel to get them perfect.

Then comes airbrushing the white paint on…

Then I will do minimal shading and weathering, for 1978 screen accuracy.

Then… the hair.

I bought the beige colored mohair and tacky glue and will use the the black colored hair spray to darken it once its ready.

Wow cuts are looking good bro

Looks good so far! Is this your first TOTs Kirk or have you done any before this?

First one!

If this one goes smoothly and I xan get some good reviews on it, I plan on starting to do conversions.
I went a bit overboard when I bought mohair, glue and latex paint (whoops), so it’ll give me time to get really good at it. I hope to achieve at least half of the talent James Carter has.:crossed_fingers: Lol.

(James Carter’s TOTS 75 Kirk work below)

James Carter’s TOTS 75 KIRK