Death Row Masks/Rowland Kelly - 5/5

Should’ve posted this a few days ago. I received my H2SM from Rowland, who made the mask start to finish. Displayed and worn pics at the bottom.

The Mask
I am beyond pleased with this mask. It’s easily my H2 grail. I requested a KHU-like finish on it, and Rowland really delivered. There are times, just split-seconds, where I actively confuse the two. He gives them the standard eyecuts, as the H2SM is to be displayed with stuffing for a Warlock stretch. As I have a natural Warlock stretch (thanks, genetics!) and also keep the mask displayed without a stretch, I can easily prove that the eyecuts are perfect for both H1 and H2. The paintwork is top-notch and really shows off Rowland’s ability. The hair is phenomenal. Rowland gave it what he calls Kirk hair, which is, according to him, a nicer mohair, so mine is listed as “Kirk Hair Edition”.

The Service
Rowland is an absolute wonder to work with. He was quickly responsive, very kind, and kept me updated through the process. After I ordered but before my mask was being worked on, he was receptive to my finishing choices, as I went through a couple before choosing the KHU finish, as well as various tiny choices on finishing. I would absolutely order from him again and highly recommend his work.

Nice! h2sm is awesome ! Congrats … mine is in ben fallaize hands… but will take a few month to finish

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I just ordered the H1SM from Rowland and I’m truly excited as I’ve read nothing but raving reviews about his work and he seems to really put his all into his work.