Deleted posts and locked topics?

This is getting crazy! We are here as a community who have made this forum and others like it what it has become today. A community that has come together because of our interests in all things Halloween and Micheal Myers. And as a community with as many members you will inevitably have differences in opinions from time to time. If we are not allowed to be ourselves and HAVE our own opinions, then why would we stick around. Many great artists have made pretty good money off of these communities that WE ALL are a part of. As moderators, you have a hell of a job to do in keeping all these topics civil. I applaud you for your work!

However…when you start deleting opinions and locking topics that are quite civil…
I don’t know…it’s like you don’t want to offend a certain person.
This community consists of more than just one person. Let us be us. Let us have our opinions and discuss them as long as we are being civil to one another.
Some comments or opinions that are deemed “negative” to some, may not seem negative to others…I only ask that the mods let us be real and let us be ourselves.
That’s what makes these communities special.

Oh, and for some reason I can’t seem to read new private messages. I get an error message that reads. “You are not authorized to read private messages that are on hold”.

You have limit of 50 messages, you have to delete some and get below 50, in order to release the ones on hold.

I kinda wish this post would get locked for the ironic humor :laughing: jk jk I haven’t noticed a problem to be honest I respect the moderators decisions, they lock things when stuff gets heated and out of hand, and if they believe a comment is disrespectful or unneeded they have the right to delete it, I don’t really see a point in this thread, they are just doing their job.

I wondered why you made this post after I sent you the pm. The reason you can’t read private messages on hold is simply because you have to delete a couple first as your inbox is full.

Opinions were NOT the problem. The constant attacking of members was the problem. No one has the right to continually belittle another member because they chose to buy a mask via a commission. With commissions it is common you don’t see the product until finished. Ken also gave the members the option to opt out at any time, not that anyone who bought the mask needs to defend their choice in the first place.

I did, however, delete a couple posts by accident and one of those was indeed yours. It was simply a post about the nose (an opinion) and was fine. My apologies, even mods make mistakes! :laughing:

Please read the pm and/or read the last post in the thread that was locked.

Again, the biggest thing to remember are the simple forum rules:

**_[u]Forum rules:

  • Please treat your fellow members and moderators with respect.
  • Stay out of arguments (Don’t fuel the fire). If you have nothing positive to say, move on to the next thread.
  • If a thread is locked, deleted, or warnings were issued, a member should not open a new thread asking why such actions were taken.
  • Avoid flaming, bashing, or other negativity.
  • Be positive and have fun![/u]_**

Thanks for the pm’s! Sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

Part of the blame is on me for deleting your (and one other member’s) post by mistake. Appreciate the reply.