Destroyer Repaint

I wasn’t fully happy with the original paint on my Destroyer. It was a little too bland and gray for my tastes, so I repainted it. Let me know what you guys think!



:open_mouth: Awesome!

Agreed, that looks utterly fantastic!

def looks better. Great work man! :rock:

Hot damn now that’s a Destroyer :exclamation: Good job bro :rock:

Hey Darryl-

That looks A LOT better!

Great job!

-Big D

great repaint…it looks much better

1000% better.


You knocked that out of the park.I love the weathering on it.Killer job

Awesome work!
Looks like a whole different mask :astonished:

Very very nice.

best destroyer I´ve ever seen!!!.. love it!!!.. you did one helluva job on the paint!.. you got some serious skillz bro!

Thanks guys! Your comments really mean a lot to me!

You have some talent man. I like it allot. The destroyer and New Rz are the best hands down.

What a transformation,Great work dude :rock:

Thanks guys!

You do have talent I must say. That looks really amzing great job.

WOWEE, that’s amazing!

Thanks again guys. These comments really put a smile on my face!

Very nice job on the paint up man. Looks worlds better.