Devil Score from Trick or Treat Studios!!!

Hey guys, this came last Saturday and it is just incredible!!! I bought it for a costume I might be doing next Halloween, test costume shots are coming soon!!

Great score man! I dig it!

Sweet score!!! :drinkers:

Great score man, I need to get me one if those. Looks like a fun mask to have in the collection

That has such a high quality look to it.

Thanks guys!! :snakeman:

Yo Mikey that looks like your evil alter ego- Forealz :laughing:

I KNOW!! Isn’t that creepy!! :open_mouth:

Awesome score man.Thats a sweet looking mask

Nice pick-up Mikey :rock: :rock:
Has a sweet retro vibe :sunglasses:

Thanks!! I love the vintagey feel!! :smiling_imp:

Thats exactly what i was gonna say before i saw you allready post it. Very cool Michael

Sweet Michael, I’m glad you like it :smiley:

Congrats on the most evilish guy around MikeY :smiling_imp:
i really love it!!!

Congrats on a very cool score Michael! :rock:

Very cool Michael. Got a old school retro vibe to it.

GREAT Score! I Love the Vintage Look to it!! :drinkers: Its reminding me of an episode on a old TV show of a Devil that appeared. :confused: It’ll come to me!

Thanks guys, I totally recommend Trick or Treat Studios to everybody! They’re real fast( like woh) and the quality is TOP-F :wink: CKING-NOTCH!!

That’s a beauty Mike! Like everyone else, I love the vintage look this thing has! I must pick one up along with a few more!~ :rock:

Thanks James!! :smiley: