Hey guys im new here and i have been a Halloween fan for a long time but i still have a question that puzzles me! Is this Dick Warlock mask special because i don’t see ones like it on google and on Cemetery Gate Productions? All the others i see have a whiter face and flatter hair! Mines more high on the front and really flesh colored like the old kirk mask? please help! ty :smiley:

When and where did you get it? That might tell us something.

It kind of looks like one I saw on eBay last week where the seller was asking some ridiculous amount of money for it. Like $2500 worth of ridiculousness!

If you can give some background on it, I’m sure someone here would be able to help you out.


Mine is a lot like that and I bought mine back in 2006. Here is a picture of mine. Since being in the community and seeing better masks, I’ve never really been happy with the hair on mine. It’s way too freaking long and impossible to style really. I sent mine off to itstimemichael to get re-haired and also get more weathering added.

nice mask!

I got mine around 2005-2006. It looks like jarrett62960 mask except not as much weathered and yea the hair is to long to style. To add to that i kept my mask in good shape like in a smoke free home and on a Styrofoam head but the hair that was glued on is falling off. O_O is there a special glue i could use on it or no? But its still cool mask :slight_smile:

You have an early run Warlock, that’s all. Terry was terrible at finishing back then. And it has Camel hair which is probably the worst hair ever. You could use Tacky Glue to fix it. That stuff works great. It dries clear. Hope this helps.

Ty slasher 75 i will try the glue out!!!Thank all of you guys for helping me out!