Did i get a bad copy?


did i get a bad copy ? The Hair is kinda too dark. and damn, the mask is tight haha. I need to rehaul it right now. because the paint job is ugly. My face is long and the mask looks weird and with the mouth open when i use it. Whats your opinion? I didnt wait to 31 september to buy it brom Tots. This mask was from ebay. Btw a 1978 tots is on the way, lets sre how it fits on me.

It looks like someone did a brown wash and lost interest in it before they got the excess off. To be honest though, it doesn’t look bad. Looks better than any stock 18 I’ve ever seen. IMO you could attempt to get the wash off or just touch it up with some dry brushing in certain areas and just about call it. The hair is a little dark though.
The h40s are the smallest masks in the line. Do that would be why it’s so tight.

Someone said me that this brown wash is from new one mask, some mask came like this from Tots, but i think like you, someone tried to rehaul it. i will take your advice, ty my friend. I’ll see if I can improve it and I’ll show you photos later.

EEEEESH! Send that puppy out to get an overhaul ASAP!

i’m from Paraguay, No one know how to rehaul here, people here even dont have stock mask, only cheap mask lol. I’ll have to do it myself, looking at tutorials. In the same way I feel that he is very small. The h40 mask from 4 years ago looks bigger.

I’m rehauling my own mask. Wish me luck. This is my first time

The spirits here locally do seem to be stocking masks with similar finishes. They don’t look great this year so no not just you.

im practicing with my mask. Im still looking that Off yellow dirty white. I mean that natural base latex colour. but im pretty happy with this first try, now im going to star over lol.

Looking really good to me! You could also add yellowed and dirty accents above this base layer.

After many attempts, removing all the paint, watching many videos, starting over, and buying more paint lol, I can say that this was my best result. I know it still needs to be clarified more, for now I’ll leave it like this. He was left with little hair, I couldn’t get the mohair, there isn’t any in my country. I had to re-glue the original only it didn’t look like before. I’m still happy. I’ll come back another day, for now I’m focused on my h78.

It looks pretty good to me!