Difference in Masks..

Hi guys,
I purchased a NIghtowl Creep some years ago and love it. It cost a bit but was worth it. I noticed on the TOTS webpage a similar mask goes for $60. Im sort of a newbie with masks and would love someone to explain the difference?

One was made with craftsmanship, the other in an assembly line. One will lay longer than the other. One looks way better than the other. You made the right choice here. If you want a mask to wear and not worry about it deteriorating from use, spend the 60 bucks.

From examining very closely the Creep and TOT kirk face to face… You can see features blunted down on the TOT, ex nose doesn’t quite protrude as far, cheek intentions more shallow etc… (at least with my copies)

The Kirk is the Night Owl shat just on a mass produced market

Photo credit to Michael Fadian over at mdf_effects!!

Shat on the left and TOTS Kirk on the right!