Don Post Mystery Mask Melt Strikes Again

I had a 1985 don Post the mask that melted the whole neck before. On that mask I used old school hairspray back then to make the hair look like the H2 mask. I figured it was from my touching the hair then touching the mask and the oils so no big deal.

Now on to the next Don Post Mask Melt which is a mystery. I bought this 98 Shatner brand new never even put it on. Has been stored since day 1 out of sunlight in no contact with oils sweat or anything. I pulled this out today out of storage and this one is starting to melt also. What causes this ? Here are pics.

Melting around the eyebrows starting

Hard to see but also starting around the neck

That’s insane, I have an '85 DPS The Mask in horrible shape (previous owner was a heavy smoker) and a '79 DPS Spock also in horrible shape (previous owner had it stored on a mannequin for many years and then it was put in a box in the late '90s, it was obviously played with) but they both showed no sign of melting. That’s so weird because I know you took great care of both of your DPS Shatner masks whereas both of my masks obviously weren’t taken care of. Is it too late to get it foam-filled? Is it oozy like will it stick to something on the box while it’s being shipped? I’m sorry about your mask. :open_mouth:

The 99 Shatner stored in a box right next to it same way. No issues whatsoever. WEIIRD.

If I were you, I would send them both out to be foam-filled with the tags still attached. Seeing this, I’m thinking about shipping my '85 out to be foam-filled soon (my '86 is already foam-filled and my Spock was shipped yesterday already for a foam-filling job). Do you think it might be the temperature that caused this? I mean you live in Florida and I was in Florida last summer, I remember it was VERY humid and hot. My clothes were literally soaked after playing basketball in a Tampa Bay neighborhood.

Yeah I live in FL but these were stored in the top of my closet in a large box on a foam head. So it was in the AC in the summer time. I have no idea.

Ian if you are reading this no worries your money will be refunded in full via Pay Pal. I sent you a PM. Just let me know if you want the 99. I had no idea when I pulled it out to ship the melt thing would be going on.

I’m not a mask maker but could these spots be filled and then just have it converted ?

If you had it on the foam head, that’s what the problem is/was. Foam touching latex can cause a chemical reaction to speed up the drying/rotting process. Always wrap your foam heads in plastic bags or don’t use them at all. Sad to see that happen.

Woah! Wow, look’s like a heat problem. Storage units can tend to heat up easily, but depends where your at. And AC may of had not gotten to it, but FOAM FILL THAT BABY AND STORE IT IN NO LIGHTED PLACES OR HOT OR WARM places my man. Got keep those great piece’s alive, Not too many of the Original finished one’s are out there! And yes, it could be a chemical reaction, I say put it on a regular mask stand (foam filled) and keep it in a case!

I have always hand brushed black latex paint on my foam heads before i put a mask on them, 3 years out in the open no problems :wink: :drinkers:

Sounds good man! :rock:

Even wrapping your foam heads in dark fabric will help out. I have, however, heard varying stories about the Foam harming latex. Some people say it doesn’t, but just to be safe, I’d cover the foam heads with something else before putting your masks on them.

Cool man, I just sent you a PM back.

I bought both of these masks (got the melting 98 for free due to the condition) and wanted to comment on this as I’ve always heard of the melt but have never seen it in person. It’ crazy. The latex is actually liquid and even smells like liquid latex. The mask is tacky and if two parts of the insude touch it will rip to pull them apart. Other parts of the mask are soft to the touch and if you pull as it it won’t rip but pulls apart like wet latex. Amazing. Wish we knew what the cause was and how to prevent this from happening to other masks. Sad deal. He cannot be saved (both eyebrows gone, forehead tore, neck tore, etc., but I feel bad throwing it away… haven’t yet and don’t think I will as I want to see if powdering and storing it properly will at least hault the damage. We’ll see.

Latex melting has to do with latex chemically melting/breaking down; next step is the hardening of the latex and then dry rot sets in. It’s met it’s time…which time is the worst enemy for latex. It’s just very random and it happens to some masks and not to others. I have 2 masks and 1 that it happened to and the other one is just fine; both were purchased at the same time and kept the same way. Weird!

Could you imagine dropping $20,000 on a 75 Kirk and 6 months later the mystery melt sets in. :open_mouth: Same story here Kirk. These masks were bought at the same time stored in seperate box’s in the same closet. 98 Melts to nothing 99 is fine. I went to a costume shop in 99 that had both masks. I bought both they have been stored ever since never worn.

Didn’t know about foam heads causing an adverse reaction to latex masks. To the people who posted that info, thanks.

I was thinking about purchasing these masks because I wanted to see them in person and see if I could save the '98, I like your idea. :wink: I wouldn’t throw it away unless it’s completely liquid and a mess. I would like to see updated pictures of it and see the damages… Maybe you could take daily pictures of it showing the melting/rotting process, just a thought. :bulb:

Hi there

Sad to see this happen to you and your masks :frowning: i really think you should email the maskdoctor kelly mann with photos and describe this,maybe you can get a answer to this :open_mouth: it can be several reasons to this but its surley is odd!! :open_mouth:

im thinking it have had a reaction because of a bad mixture of latex maybe??but its so distinctive areas,eyebrows area,have anything been applied there before?have it had eyebrows removed?thinking glue here?,it also scares me to hear the word hairspray have been used :open_mouth: :open_mouth: im not sure thats a good idea,god knows what type of chemicals its in them no mater what the label says,but i doubt thats the reason here…

isnt it ammonia used when mixing masklatex?thats strong stuff,maybe some bad mixing have been done or some have been left inside the mold and not properly cleaned or something before it was used again,no matter what,it surley seems like a strong reaction have taken place so something with a powerful chemical may be the reason,as ammonia left inside the mold maybe??im not an expert at all at this,but my best advise is,dont tuch it whit your skin,it may be harmful to ya,and ask for help here at the maskdoctor if you dont already have done it,anyway,best of luck :slight_smile:

link to maskdocktor:

take care

Kirk Magnum has had this happen also. I had a 85 Don Post the mask that the whole neck totally melted. I remember seeing other threads here in the past about it. Weird occurance for sure but it does happen.