Ebay tots boogeyman masks?

Not sure if this is the right spot to post but fill free to correct me but anyways came across several sellers claiming to be selling this particular mask in their stores all which use the same stock image & prices

should note they’re from china & curious to know if anyone has bought these masks from these sellers before & if they’re the real deal as I’ve only seen one review from their store about the mask but that’s about it.

I wouldnt.

AVOID ! I just purchased a ‘‘TOTS 78’’ listed mask but was sent a cheap and nasty knock of with fluff for hair ! Trying to return it now and have purchased from a proper site the TOTS78 mask.

While uncertain if this is the appropriate forum, the comment highlights a concern about multiple sellers using identical stock images and prices for a specific mask. Raises potential red flags regarding authenticity and credibility.

Don’t waste your money, I bought one just to see what would turn up, and it looked nothing like, it was cheap and nasty rip-off, the seller said they had sent the wrong one, yeah course they did, managed to get a refund and got to keep the mask, plus I reported the seller to eBay for false advertising, a lot of these sellers are using the exact same photos, even using the photos on Etsy for the same boogie man mask, these sellers need to be stamped out, disgusting what they are getting away with