EK and 75k

took some new ones :slight_smile:
Tis the season

BTW if you want one of these, chad’s selling one thats in very nice shape

nice jon that 75k is sumthin else aint it…
love the ek to

love the details on the EK Jon :sunglasses:
Such a beautiful sculpt :drinkers:

That EK is sweet! :open_mouth:

Fantastic pics Jon, those are both amazinf masks!

Wow that 75k is amazing. :open_mouth:

Gotta love 'em :drinkers:

Awesome pics jon. Love the EK. I am trying to get some cash together to snap up chads as we speak.


thanks guys :slight_smile:
Yeah I’d pick it up if I didnt already have one thats for sure

Great stuff Jon, you wear that 75 perfectly.

Beautiful EK bra’. :drinkers:

That E.K is real clean!Very nice!