Evidence that clay was added to the top, not just the sides, in making the Friday The 13th Part 3 hero mask?

Hello to all interested parties.

I think that this screen capture contains faint indications, especially if compared with an actual Fibrosport Elite 102 mask or images thereof, of the fact that there was, indeed, clay (or whatever other material they might have used) added not only to the sides of the Fibrosport mask, one of the multiple levels of vacuum forming that began with the pulling of a mask from the front of the Fibrosport mask, or one of the bucks made during the process, but that whatever material (probably clay) was used was also added across the top of the mask or buck. Additionally, a mask that I bought from someone online a while back, which I am pretty sure was done on a JDF blank, contains a lumpy edge around the top which factored into my seeking out evidence of a similar formation in the actual screen used masks.

Of course, this capture also seems to show that there was already some chipping on the bottom edge of the hero mask by whatever point in filming it was that they did the hallway scene.


In the image at the link, which is the one that amazed me when I first saw it years ago because of how CLEARLY it shows the outline of the mask prior to the addition of the clay on the side, and then clay extension of the edge which is of a slightly different angle from the body of the mask, not to mention how well they replicated the shape of the edge in clay as indicated by the shape of the extended edge, you can somewhat more faintly see that the extension of the edge continues around the top of the mask.