Explaining the Warlock robot walk

Watching H2 with my 8 year old niece and she noticed the change of walk from the original. I asked her if she knew why. And she said something I never even thought of she said to me. " you try to get shot and fall out a window that high and you walk normal after."

To me makes perfect since if you would fall from that high and land on your back as well as being shot you wouldnt want to move your muscles, youd stay as stiff as you could. Which you could use as a clever theory to explain the difference in styles but add to the continuity of the two movies. And it took an 8 year old watching Hallowern 2 for the first time to make me think of this.

Yep, that’s more or less the way I’ve always looked at it. My theory has always been that after Loomis shot Michael off the balcony at the end of H1, that ultimately killed what little humanity was left within Michael, and so in H2, he is basically a walking corpse, being driven by pure evil.

One explanation I think is really cool is the idea that a bit of Michael was still alive in H1. Evil possessed Michael’s body but he still had human gestures because he still had a semi-human brain. When Loomis shot Michael off the balcony, whatever was left of Michael died. Now Evil has full control over Michael and moves the way Evil moves. Almost like Michael’s body is a corpse that only moves because Evil is using it. I think it’s a fun idea but idk why Evil would care for Laurie Strode. Maybe Michael sorta held back in H1 due to their sibling relation and Evil sees Michael’s death as a way to kill Laurie without any intervention. In actuality, Dick Warlock was just moving in a way he thought was creepy. Still fun to mess around with the idea!

Michael being a walking corpse makes the most sense because he was shot in the chest 6 times. Surviving that would be an absolute miracle

I noticed it, too, when I was a kid…I remember telling my father he didn’t look like Michael. It is what it is, but I really wish they got Nick back for 2. And he wouldn’t have had his mask stolen from them.

I always see it has having spinal and head trauma, logically, the gun shots and also bleeding out also made him get even slower with is walking through out the film too

I’ve been saying this for years. Stabbed in the neck, stabbed in the eye, shot 6 times, and falling from a balcony… this is gonna hurt all over your body, and make you move/walk a lot slower than usual. This is why I actually like DW’s performance as Myers.

My understanding was Dick Warlock had injured his back during filming…and the robot walk was born

If you watch interviews, Dick mentioned that when he watched H1 prior to filming, most of Nick Castle’s movements all seemed pretty normal and didn’t really stand out to him. The only scene that really inspired his perfomance was the bedroom scene after Michael sits up and slowly walks towards Laurie. His lumbering, robotic walk was based off that, from what I understand. But as others have stated, the injuries Michael sustained throught H1 were certainly all enough to he fatal or at least incapacitating, so if he was an entity purely driven by evil, then his walk was the product of a supernatural force keeping a crippled body going against its will.

yes you are 100% correct Dick said in a interview that he got his movements from Nick’s sit up and head turn !!

I do too. I know it’s a very unpopular opinion but I think the warlock portrayal was my least favorite of the series. The mask just doesn’t fit in a way that is creepy to me, he looks too small, and the movement is slow to the point it isn’t threatening. But he’s been a great ambassador to the franchise and that counts for something.

Unpopular for sure, but I get what you mean. I love the way he wore the mask. H1 is my favorite, but Warlock might be my favorite Myers. His walk is sort of out of line with the human walk that John Carpenter intended but I don’t see it as unnatural as others find it to be. His height doesn’t bother me at all as I can rarely tell how he is on the shorter side.