Extra mask protection?

I’m very new to collecting masks, and every time a new occasion comes up for one, I can’t help but get nervous about the mask getting ruined. Not that I don’t want to wear them, I just get paranoid about doing something wrong or forgetting an important detail for the mask to not rot. I’d just like a quick opinion on a method I chose to do a couple days ago and see if it works.

I’m very aware of the whole tip on cleaning your mask after wearing it, however, since I can be kind of protective of how long the masks will last, I took extra precaution. So, Thursday night at the premier for Halloween (2018) I actually wore a thin black ski mask underneath to make sure the mask didn’t come in contact with my skin. Does this seem like enough? Or should I still clean my mask after wearing it, even with the the ski mask protection?

303 protectant but NOT the aerosol version. Use the wipes

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