Finally........My DT Revolver Score

I ordered my Revolver on April 18th and it showed up September 13th…5 MONTHS. The wait was excruciating to say the least but it’s here now and DT really did a fantastic job on the mask. Onto the pictures…


DT never misses a beat! That is one rad Revolver! :rock:

Yeah I am super pleased with it. Like everyone says, the detail is so great in person and the pictures don’t do it enough justice.
Thanks Davy!

Yeah that is one bad ass revolver u scored! DT is the best!

DAMN that is a nice revolver, I did not know there was still blood on the side of the mask

yeah that took me by surprise. it almost looks like he started making a dream sequence and then painted over it Revolver style. I really like how it turned out though it looks like old dried blood and makes it somewhat unique. thanks for the kind words everyone!

The darker weathering really looks defined.
I like it!

thanks kaizu!

Nice mask, Man… Congrats! …ANDY

thanks man! means a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Killer Revovler DT! :smiling_imp: Cant go wrong with Della Torre, some masks are worth the wait! :myers:

haha yeah and this one certainly was! :rock:

Jeeze, 5 months! What the hell? You should have complained unless you were told about the wait before hand. I love DT’s work but he can’t be taking that long to get an order finished and sent out.

Mask looks great though.

thanks man. yeah he told me the wait would be 3 weeks so i complained multiple times. it turned out to be a huge convoluted mess that would be too complicated to explain but it’s sorted out now and got an awesome mask so I’m happy.

Well at least he got back to you on the issue. I might get something from him soon too :smiley:

his wait is definitely more than 3 weeks even if thats what he tells you but mine seemed to be a pretty rare situation so i dont think you’ll have to wait 5 months lol i dont think you will be disappointed if you do though this mask blew my mind! what are you planning on?

I have a Buried2 atm from him and that didn’t take too long to arrive thankfully. I might get myself a Revolver or Dream at some stage :slight_smile:


Amazing man!
Great to see you finally got your Revolver haha! :smiley:
Love the look with the blood still on it!
Congrats! :rock: