First vintage knife finds, how'd I do?

I finally found something approximating the H78 knife that I could afford, it was a pair that were about 110 total. I cleaned them up pretty good but there’s no marks, and up close they definitely feel like different brands. Does anyone know what they are and did I hit one of the authentic knives? My guess is one of them is a rex like the tribute in H18 and the other may be a clyde? I Want to know if my instincts on value were good this time (and some rust removal/restoration ideas help too). Thanks again, I appreciate your time and input
*they’re both 12" blades
*the “face” appeared when I tried soaking it in vinegar

They aren’t 78 knives and both grips are the same, if they are both Clydes you have the knife from 2018 that Michael kills Vickys boyfriend with

Is it just a color difference on the handles? They felt slightly different. Happy to have info though, so they could be clydes

Nice score.

two ways you can clean them, if they have a good ammount of rust. i use Heinz pickling vinegar, sometimes called
cleaning vinegar its %10 acid twice the strength.

If its only light cleaning/tarninsh you can scrub them in the sink with baking soda and tap water.
Scrub the blade in one direction, from the handle to the tip etc to keep the metal grain w/out swirling

they both look like eiher a Clyde knife or a rex knife, my guess cause of the chamfer/45 degree bevel where the
hand stops and the bolster begins.

If you want, you could take the lighter handle and stain it with rosewood color stain :myers:

a great score indeed cheers, thats what people charge for one of those knives

The Case and sons Cutco knife is completely different in design overall, the handle shape is the most significant difference, and they are extremely rare to find, Pre cutco knifes are easy to find on ebay but still not exact

Case and Sons became Cutco :exploding_head::anguished:?!

I only had the pictures from here to go on, so it sounds like I’ve missed out on more details than I thought. I think the best chance of finding one is from a listing that the marks are missing from. As to handles, I meant that the handles on these two feel different enough I thought they might be different brands or models. How can I best tell on the handle? I’m getting better as this from the replies, thanks!

Thank you! I used baking soda and a toothbrush at first then went with a vinegar soak. That really darkened the finish and burned that face pattern though so I stopped. These photos are after several hours of scrubbing. The tips on swirling are good to know when I touch up more spots later. I thought at least one was a rex, getting these antique knifes has been pretty fun. These are starting to take an edge but I’m guessing the material makes them tougher to sharpen. Ultimately I want to have as all horror prop model knifes on my kitchen’s knife rack. I’ve got the Chicago 44s from the guide too. I need a stronger magnet though. I think I at least hit pretty close on some vintage boots today, my theory is that Myers doesn’t run because you kinda can’t in these boots .

The grips on a Case has no bevel on it, and the end of the handle is not a half circle shape, if that makes sense, the handle and blade are offset rather than a straight line too