Freddy Loper rehaul

So I sent my 2018 Creep to Freddy back in November 2020 for a rehaul. He confirmed it arrived at his place, messaging back to me from mirror image masks’ Facebook page. Was originally told turnaround was about a year. I’ve been really really patient, asking for updates, as I understand this type of work is a hobby and I don’t want to annoy the man. I haven’t gotten a single reply since that November 2020.

I’m concerned I will ever see my mask again. I’ve reached out to Zac on this forum, whom has worked with him in the past and he has tried to help get in touch with him for me. I feel like I’m being flat out ignored, and at this point I’m pretty pissed about it. It takes one minute to send and email or a dm.

Anyone that can help, please let me know. Thank you

Post this in General Discussion if you havent already. Someone will help you better there

This kind of shit pisses me off. He is on Instagram and posted just a few days ago. Some goofy selfie type post. He doesn’t have that many followers. Under a thousand so you should be able to direct message him there. Try that.

And yes that’s him because he has michael myers masks and stuff on his page and he’s followed by other mask makers such as NAG.


Comment on his posts and tagging him is the best way to get his attention! I noticed that when I get people messaging me on instagram and Facebook, it automatically goes through message requests. I am not notify about it, and the message gets lost in the dark until I realized I have a message request a month or two later!

The Myers mask game is a struggle man, hardest people to get ahold of. To get a high end mask yourself from an artist is like trying to get an autograph from the president. I check ebay for high end mask auctions and try to bid on those but still paying an arm and a leg.

Perhaps some artists I suppose, but there are many high-end artists that can get a decent turnaround time. I recommend Rowland Kelly, he’s a wizard especially at the 78/81 style really high end nice work and he has great turnaround times and is very easy to deal with imho.

I’ve seen some of his work his masks are pretty nice i agree. Never attempted to get anything from him tho il keep it in mind. Thanks!

I managed to get in touch with him shortly after Halloween, and received the finish product this week. I am very happy with it. It took a long time, but it was a matter of finding the right way of communicating. I didn’t make it easy for myself not having facebook. Oh well, if you guys want to see the finished mask, I will post it shortly!