Friday The 13th Part 3 Mask Question

In the original part 3 script was the hockey mask to be used or was it thought of during production? If not in the script Jason was just going to be the winston make up?

This is from Wikipedia, the exact truth behind it could obviously not be 100%. The decision to dress Jason Voorhees in his now-signature hockey mask occurred during a lighting check on set; the film’s 3-D effects supervisor Martin Sadoff was a hockey fan, and supplied a Detroit Red Wings goaltender mask to Miner.[16] Miner loved the mask, but during test shots found it was too small. Using a technique called VacuForm, makeup effects director Doug White enlarged the mask and created a new mold to work with. After White finished the molds, art director Terry Ballard placed new red triangles on the mask to give it a unique appearance. Holes were also punched into the mask, and the markings were altered, making it different from Sadoff’s original template.

I spoke to Crash Cunningham and he said that he doubted the original mask worn during lighting tests was a fibrosport hockey mask, which all along I thought it was but guess not. Do we not know for sure what kind of hock it was???

To be fair most things we will never know for 100% sure. There is too many similarities with many other things just like the Jacques Plante Fibrosport Medium the mask was created from. It could have been a different size as well as other factors. But from what we can see the size medium matches and makes the most sense.

But didn’t Crash Cunningham use the Fibrosport mask to make his Project 82 buck? So many things just make no sense at all.

Supposedly the script had him wearing a plain white mask.

Anymore input on this? If it wasn’t the fibrosport, what other possibilities are there for the mask INITIALLY used during makeup testing?

Billy Kirkus had a photo of a bigger 70s hockey mask that Martin Sadoff sent him. Sadoff said it was the one used during the lighting test, if I remember right. It doesn’t look anything like the Jason mask.

That’s interesting. I wonder how the look of Jason’s mask came to be then? It looks VERY close to the fibrosport. It’s crazy the real story about this question hasn’t been uncovered over the years.

You guys are misinterpreting. If Crash said he didn’t think the Fibrosport was used, he merely meant in test footage. The mask altered for Jason’s hockey mask is 100% a Fibrosport medium, and no one contests this, least of all Crash.

Okay, but do we know the “test” mask? If it wasn’t close to what he wears in the actual movie as far as basics, I wonder how they decided to use the fibrosport. I’m just curious what the test footage mask was they used. Now I’m wondering what gave them the idea to use the fibrosport if that was NOT the mask used in test footage :thinking:

What I want to know is how many bowel movements Steve Miner had post production.

I am still sick about the fact that I won an auction for a lot that included a JP 103 and JP 102 besides a Mylec mask…but then hyperactive fraud prevention (possibly A.I.) refused the transaction due apparently to the combination of it being an international transaction (U.S. buyer/Canadian seller) and the price being over $5. I’ve bought things from domestic Ebay sellers for A LOT more money with no problem, with Ebay even just automatically taking the money. It’s so GD stupid.

He may have had one during filming when he realized he and the crew were visible in the reflection in the window of the Volkswagen and it wasn’t going to be reshot. Of course, they might be able to play that off as a matter of his reporter character from the TV news report at the beginning of the movie just being extremely good at sneaking up on people.

…and now I know who bought them when they were relisted.[0]=AZVqATWUQT7M_tVQO_N60L9LMqwnUPuCFJQW2pYtnIN3mD42EwaJrZOjWRizdCXCShZVVAs1IR–vKLyuXXQFU89_HM7L3_beW-98IM9RjiD0D4s2Me4HtIjjH_vjK5Wf_mK84BezF_NU8KbgUrNtattCy2tmHE4sm0A9PIerTvzqM2EXSUqM_ZLtRaVCtE8X38&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

Since it was a Red Wings goalie mask from the 70s/early 80s, it probably looked like one of the below examples


This is a style of paintjob that Jacque plante put out back in the day, this isnt the medium its the smaller size but you get an idea.
jp red.jpg

I was re-watching the extra bonus disc from crystal lake memories that came out after the initial release.

Martin Jay Sadoff the guy who put his hockey mask on brooker for the lighting test, and the same one they used to make the
hero mask building up the clay around the perimeter etc.

Anyway he says that a few years ago he sold that very same vintage mask on ebay :open_mouth:

I own the mask he talks about but it looks nothing like the mask used for Friday 3. He took a mask out of a bag he had in his car and put it Brooker but it did look right so they went with a different style.

His eBay auction had no pictures, nothing. He told me it was screen used and all sorts of shit. It’s a long story but, Martin is a Coke head and after his sister died had to get money together and sold this mask.

Do you have any pictures of it? was it atleast a Fibrosport mask Kirk?