General_clown is an excellent seller!

General_clown posted that he was selling a pair of beautifully weathered Zombie Halloween coveralls and man, did they not disappoint. I don’t know if he did any of the weathering himself, but whoever did displayed nothing less than mastery in the craft. General_clown was very quick to reply and answered all questions to complete satisfaction. Pictures e-mailed to me were the exact item I received. He even went the extra mile and purchased two day shipping out of his own pocket to get the coveralls to me quickly. At least, I highly doubt it was built into the wonderful price he gave me. It wasn’t necessary, but it is most appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone do business with him.

I know I have very few posts on this board but I’ve been lurking off and on for as long as I can remember. This board introduced me to a world of quality that I didn’t know existed in the enthusiast market. I have purchased my NAG Scarred and CGP Warlock through these boards, though that was on a different username that I’ve long forgotten. Now, to lose those extra 5 to 10 pounds so I can really pull off the look! Thank you for your time and thank you to General_clown once again!

How can one contact him? Does he have more?