H2 mask padding

Any suggestions for padding an H2 mask for warlock stretch?

The cheekbones, and you need velcro on the back of the neck, your natural head is also a big factor as well as the mask pull and latex type

Ive found that using just regular plastic grocery bags in the temple area do the trick for me. I have an H2SM. Here is a shot without stuffing vs with it.

Beautiful h2 right there bud.

It looks good. I would also suggest putting some form of padding along the cheeks to assist in making the stretch seem like a natural head stretch.

I normally stuff from temples to cheeks. But I did that really quick to show him that theres a quick way to get the results. Ive sat in front of the mirror for hours stuffing that thing to get the look where I want it cause theres something terribly wrong with me