H2 Question

Ok, so I’m watching H2 ( TV Version ), and the one scene where the Deputy & Dr Loomis pull up to Michaels house and everyone is throwing rocks thru the window.

As the Camera is panning down from the shot of the rock going thru the upstairs window, you clearly see the house address which is 709, Then the scene cuts to the Deputy calling for back-up at…“The old Myers house, 45 Lamkin Lane”.

Now I get that the house is on Lamkin street…But what gives with the address? :confused:

The house was originally located at 709 Meridian Avenue/Street. It’s evident that the house number was 709. They could have at least said “709” Lampkin Lane. I can understand and can see why they didn’t want to use the same street name, and why they changed it. If they wanted to change it, and use 45 as the house number, they coulld have removed the 709, and replaced it with the 45. But, when the viewer can make out the house number, and see it on the house, why on earth would it get changed? It’s just another one of the many continuity errors.

Yea, I see what your saying, deff agree…They could’ve at least removed the 709. :laughing: