H2 screen "abused" item

just posed a view with the screen used gothic table in michaels dream in H2

hey Logan what did you do for your birthday? i conjured up Satan BITCH!

liking these shots logan top job man :drinkers: :rock:

OMG, that shot of you with the table burning is excellent. thats it, im watching H2 tonight.


That table is sick, what a deal also to say the least. Im sad I live in Ny and had no chance of aquiring a pieces like that. Have you put it in your house? I know the size is crazy. Ive been talking about the table sinc eit was posted to all the things I would do with it excpet for the fact I would never be able to get it in the house. Love the costume,the fire the whole nine real sweet. :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers:

Logan and Scott came down to my house and helped me take some cool pics of the table. Who better than Logan with his awesome costume. I didn’t end up selling it for the obvious reasons that nobody could put in their house. It’s seen it’s better days for sure. Over two years of being in my backyard has taken its toll even with a tarp covering it. It’s really not in good shape anymore. I actually didn’t even want the table because of its size. It came with six cool gothic chairs from the movie and I had to take the table. It did get some good use for two Halloweens for sure but it’s time for it to rip since I can’t keep it back there anymore. I will be keeping the two leg ends and doing something with them. Maybe putting a new smaller top on them. Good by my old friend. I’ll miss you :drinkers:

The fire shots are awesome - love that table, Paul! :rock:

Nice shots man. I really thought that table was cool wish I lived closer I might have picked it up haha. Oh well great costume and shots man once again. :rock: :rock: :rock: