H4 is on AMC and...

I’m sorry but am I the only one that groans like crazy during the gas-station scene. Particularly when Loomis shoots at Michael and suddenly a close-up of the cabinets and dishes and Michael is gone! Okay… He was RIGHT THERE! He was RIGHT FREAKING THERE! How could Loomis not see him walk away? And then Loomis pulls a look-over-the-counter bit to top it all off… GRRRRRR!!!.. I know I’m probably gonna get hell for this but, eh…

I think he was supposed to have fallen to the ground from the gunshot. When Loomis looks over, he has crawled away.

Sadly that scene was deleted…
Actually the Shape gets up, looks at Loomis and walks away.

I meant that I think it was implied.

It’s no more stupid than Laurie looking out the window down to the clothesline in H1 and he’s there one second, gone the next.

Yeah…it’s pretty much the exact same thing. Funny how nobody dares criticize the original, eh?

Wilbur’s Myers used to scare me so much when I was little. He really seemed like some kind of monster, in both 4 and 6.

that bothers me every time i see it. apparently myers can literally disapear

I think thats the whole beauty of it. He’s there one second, and then the next second he’s behind you about to put heavy-duty plactic bag over your head. I think that MM is unquestionably thw scariest muthafucka out there. Im 23 and always after watching ANY (well, maybe except for H3) H movie i have problems falling asleep. Qdos for AMC for the entire Fear Fest.

Naw that one does bother me too… It’s just H4 is so much more blatent with it’s flaws…

Plus the magical opening cabinet with Lynda in it in H1.

Okay, my bad.

Ahhh yes, the ol’ magic cabinet. Halloween’s full of mysteries…from posessed cabinets to dog-eating skunks to Judith’s boyfriend, probably the quickest ejaculator in the history of mankind

from what I read, myers took engineering while in the mental hospital. all of the “convenient” timed scares at the end were no more than a few small motors, some wire, and a little bit of elbow grease.

michael knew what he was doing. he wanted laurie and he was gonna do everything he could to impress her before the big sha-bag!

(completely untrue, of course…)

Those parts did upset me, but the HILARIOUS scene where he throws his leg over the top of the roof and bashes his head on the windshiled make up for them.

:laughing: Gets me every single time.

Let’s also not forget how he magically appeared on the truck at the end of H4. I still have no idea who the hell that ending was even possible. Plus H4 has some of my FAVORITE Loomis-isms and one of the worst lines in Halloween history:

Rachel: “He’s inside!”
Mob Member: “Where is he?”
Rachel: “In the school!”

Call me retarded, but I don’t see what’s wrong with this… :confused:

It’s a case of obvious questions with obvious answers… She just ran out of the school screaming “He’s INSIDE!”, the mob guy says “Where is he?”, to which Rachel responds “In the school!” DUH he’s in the freakin school! She just ran out of there screaming “HE’S INSIDE!” lol

Some folks nit-pick at the silliest of things.

It’s so funny, my sisters are watching Halloween 4 on AMC right now and just as I was reading your first post mrRiddle, that very same part of the movie was showing. I thought it was kind of comical!


I like how in H1 during the lynda sex scene bob isn’t even between her legs…grady looks like a neanderthal man, that is all.