H40 Hammer Help

Anyone have a good lead on a replica hammer? One that is con friendly for an h40 costume? Surprisingly having a hard time finding one.

This one is pretty good. Its a foam prop, but realistic enough right out of the box. If you went a step further and touched up the paint work, it would look plenty convincing. Just a suggestion.


This one here is a little more money, but has two different styles to choose from. It is also plenty realistic especially from a distance.


I really like that second one but 10 bucks shipping sheesh. At this point I’d probably opt for the more expensive one, though.

Yeah the shipping is a bit high for a prop that weighs next to nothing, but it’s an option at least.

And I don’t know if you have Amazon Prime or not, but this one is 16 bucks free shipping if you have Prime. Its a nice realistic one too.


I do have prime, price seems too good to be true but could be worth a shot.

Yeah its hard to say but the customer photos and reviews are fairly positive, so it might be a serviceable option.

Rolling the dice on this one. I’ll post pictures when it arrives. Thank you for your help!

Not a problem man!

rubber johnnies makes good foam props, they have an ebay store/amazon. their foam chef knife is really well made
same as their hammers

Not terrible. Probably serviceable I think I’ll go with it

That doesn’t look bad at all for the price. Is the Con soon or still a ways off? You could do some touch ups to it if you have the time

I still have a couple months. Any good ideas for it?

Oh yeah, this definitely has potential. Kind of wanted a hammer for my haunt last year whilst I was dressed as H40 Michael. Nice grab!


Well if you could figure out a way to just dull the shine a bit, I think that would go a long way. Maybe some really super fine grit sandpaper and just test a tiny spot to be sure it will work to dull it down some and not remove any paint. I’m thinking just the handle needs dulled and it will look pretty good. Unless it’s not as shiny as it looks in the photos?

You can find antique hammers that match the H40 hammer online for as cheap as a cheap replica.

I bought a cheap foam hammer off Ebay here in the UK then got a talented friend of mine to repaint it.
It regularly gets checked at comic cons for looking the part and makes a nice change from the knife.
Last picture is next to a real hammer that the paintwork was based on.

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I have an abundance of old hammers lying around my house, so I just picked the one that looked the oldest and gnarliest, and went with that one: