Half in the Bag: Halloween Ends Review

I know that the majority consensus of Halloween Ends on this board is negative, but I’m one of the few that really enjoyed the movie. RedLetterMedia’s review articulates my thoughts on why I like the movie. I know that a 47 minute review is asking a lot, especially for those who did not like the movie, but it is worth a watch. If 47 minutes is too much, I’d also like to recommend Mr. Plinkett’s 10 minutes of observations on the film. Note that the Mr. Plinkett portion is also at the end of the first video.

Does any of this change your mind on the movie?


I can’t argue with their points. It’s not a bad movie; but it is a bad Michael Myers movie.

I dig Ends A LOT!!! Probably my favorite behind 81. I also dig Zombie’s first one too but half of it is a rehash so that’s not really a fare comparison

The people who hated it seem to be pretty vocal about it.
So I’m gonna jump on to say that I also really liked Ends.
Cool breakdowns!

Watched this the other day. I agree, except I also liked the ending haha.
This is truly the H3 of our generation.
People just don’t want to admit that what they actually want is just the same movie over and over.

I didn’t care for the ending but I though it was a decent movie considering after the first trailer we all pretty much knew it was going some kind of copy cat rout. I take it for what it is, didn’t hate the Cory storyline

I completely agree with them, the ending feels tacked on an interesting movie that tried to do something different with this franchise for once.
Not that it’s a perfect movie, it has a lot of issues, especially with how quickly it tries to build Corey and Allyson’s relationship, but going full passing of the torch would’ve been the perfect closure to a franchise that at this point can’t really have a definitive end.

Thanks for these dude….I’m one of the few that enjoyed the movie as well. None of these things were lost on me and a big reason I said it’s very watchable and it held my interest. I think I heard somewhere there was an idea that Corey would be missing in the last shot. Would have been cool. Maybe that’s in the extra ten minutes I heard would be released.