HalloweeN 4 mask --- just finished......

Howdy Guys,
This mask has quite a unique story to it. A year ago a customer contacted me and wanted me to make him a H1 mask. I suggested we get either a 75K or a DP 98/99 Blank to work on. He decided to go with the 98/99. Eventually I found a blank and it arrived. Unfortunately the blank that arrived was undoubtedly a poor recast. It was very small, washed out, full of air bubbles and had an ‘interesting’ rough texture. ‘‘WOAH!’’ I thought, ‘‘this would make a fantastic H4’’ But on the other hand, there was no way I was going to give this to the customer that initially asked me for a H1. And then the idea of the Spectre was born. So I put this particular mask in storage and dug out one of my personal 98/98 to begin the retooling and thus the Spectre was eventually born.
A few weeks ago, I got around to working on the recasted copy I was sent and got to work…I just let loose and had fun with this one…
Thank you for looking guys!

Wow, that made an AWESOME H4!! Good stuff man!!


Great job man!

Great job!

That’s one of the nicest H4’s I’ve seen, wow. Would love to get my hands on one!

Ben, I’m curious if you can answer; why exactly aren’t you producing these?

Looks wicked :pumpkin: :myers:

That’s the nicest H4 I’ve seen. Brilliant work

Wow…that looks like it came straight off the set of Halloween 4!

Great question! Essentially because I don’t have the mold buddy. I bought this as a blank from ‘someone’ and it’s clearly a poorly done, washed out recast. More info in the description ^

Thank you for so much for the kind words!

Man, life can be really strange. Snagged this beauty today from whoever was selling it on eBay.

I saw that too! If I hadn’t snatched that Creep last week…I would have been all over this. Great pick up!

Excellent stuff!


I got real lucky. I just happened to have the money, already debating on an H4, and I happen to browse eBay and there it was. Very excited to get it. I’ve been wanting an H4 from Ben for a long time.

Very cool! This looks absolutely amazing! Brilliant work! Just curious, do you by chance happen to have pics of how it looked before? Be interesting just to see how rough it was before.

It is currently on eBay if anyone is interested. (Not by me)

You didn’t see my comment…

Ok, Party City and Halloween stores need to take some notes because you have an incredible talent. That mask is beautiful, fantastic job man.

No I didn’t. My bad?