HALLOWEEN 5 Thorn Theories

So we know that at the time of making Halloween 5, the Thorn symbol and the Man in Black weren’t explored as ideas. They appeared and disappeared. The Man in Black, according to Moustapha Akkad (producer) and Don Shanks (Myers in H5), was never supposed to be identified until a sequel, because they simply hadn’t decided who he was. He was definitely linked to Michael by the tattoo of Thorn, but they didn’t know who he should be. One idea was that he was the twin brother of Michael.

Anyway, watching H5 again recently, I’ve noticed two things that might not have been mentioned before.


While difficult to see in this picture, the black patch at the bottom of the Thorn symbol is two black dots, like this - :

This is clearer when we see the Man in Black behind Loomis in the Myers house, seen here.

What do the two dots mean?


When Charlie (?) and Jamie are trying to escape through the window, the wall behind Michael as he is breaking the door has a thorn symbol on it, in plain view of the camera. Was this just a hidden easter egg or in-joke by the film-makers, or does it hold any relevance? Did the Man in Black put it there? Does it explain why Michael is easier to control in the house, when Loomis and Jamie both seperately make him stop attacking?

This symbol doesn’t have the : , which makes me think that the dots meant something and were important at some point…

Post you theories here!


No idea, & never noticed the dots before. I had noticed the symbol on the door but just dismissed it (or forgot, rather.) Nice observation - will have to think this one over :drinkers:


the dots confused me to but thats not the reason.it came to ,attention that the two dots are not there on his tattoo on H6 when it shows his tat when he hands Jim the towel:O.Go watch that H6 scene if you don’t believe me.

I did last night, yeah I think it’s just a continuity error to clean up the pool of unfinished ideas they had.

I don’t get it I thought Dr.Wynn was the man in black?

Yeah, in Halloween 6. Which was made six years after this, at the time the writers didn’t know who he was.

One of the reasons I love H6, the writer tried really hard to tie up the mess H5 left :stuck_out_tongue:

After Halloween 5 was in theaters my friend and I submitted an idea that had the man in black being “Conal Cochran” from Halloween III and the mask Michael was wearing being a Silver Shamrock mask. That would have intertwined Halloween III back in the mix and would have stopped the “no Myers” crowd from bitching.

That’s actually a really good idea!