Halloween Ends knives identified

Over the past 4 days, I had spent it identifying the Halloween Ends knives, well I found the EXACT Make and Model knives that are used, so where to start? let’s start with the rusted knife TOTS replicates, here is the screenused knifes handle
ends knife5.jpg
and the blade
And TOTS replica
Since TOTS had released these shots of their knife, I was quick to identify it as the Chicago Cutlery 44S knife, it is the 10" model but a certain style, AKA this one which is owned by CreepyCustoms
Now, for this knife which is on the posters and the cover for Total film
It took quite a while to identify it, but since the recent teaser had been released, I found the shot which confirmed the knifes handle shape being EXACTLY what I predicted, which is also a 10" Ekco Eterna
endsekco knife.jpg
This is a knife that takes a bit to find as it doesn’t have a consistent wooden handle and you find really heavy wood grain, I found the perfect one, which also is owned by CreepyCustoms, of course they did some work by making the handle darker and getting rid of the Insignia on the handle
And the 2 of them side by side, owned by Creepycustoms

Neat! I was wondering what that knife with the chunky handle in the promos was.

This shot from the poster was also another thing that lead me to find it, cause you see the curve in the handle design
Screenshot 2022-09-10 at 01-08-29 Halloween-Ends-Official-Poster.webp (WEBP Image 800 × 1200 pixels).png

Definitely. It’s a bit tricky with his fingers blocking part of the handle, but it certainly looks right to me.

Great job, dude!

They also sanded the handles down, here it is more visible from the B roll footage that’s been posted

glad I bought an eterna a few days ago when I did

Far as I’m concerned that Rusty knife is the best one in the new Trilogy by far

Updated the thread with the pics from Connor who now owns both knives and included a shot of them together

I wonder which knife Laurie uses to finish off Michael, the one she bleeds him with :thinking:

That’s the Henkels 10 inch from the last movie.

Thanks brotha :v:t3:

Does anyone know the serrated knife used in the opening scene with Corey ?