Halloween Game_Character Switching_Keyboard Trigger Audio Clips

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Awesome work Mr M! :grin: What you’ve been doing with this is too cool!

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Looks awesome i did game design myself i have qualifications in that area, if you ever needed any help or a helping hand let me know id love to help work on this with you !!! I also wouldnt want any money or anything in return like most people id be willing to help you as a fan if you would like any help let me know dude but so far this is an amazing first step of the potential this has, im really really impressed !!! You should be very proud of what youve done so far !!

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:grin: :jack_o_lantern: :hocho:Thanks MC10, appreciate that bro! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks a lot! :facepunch: I’m into people contributing for sure, I set up a Discord for this project and one of the members is going to contribute a model…“Game design” is a fairly broad term, what sort of stuff can you do? Oh and this is all copyright stuff, that I don’t own lol, i’m just making it for practice and for a few friends to play, nobody’s getting money or giving money for this :grin: Thanks again!

Good im glad this is a passion project and i used to do game code, scripting but most of all i used to render 3d models and create them and do level design, those were the two areas i excelled in, in terms of designing i used unreal engine 4 but as i have not done any game design in quite along time i know unreal engine 5 has been released fairly recently, what engine are you currently working with ?

I also used to use the unity engine too, but was never really a huge fan of it

Well that sounds like some useful stuff lol…I just started learning UE5 and Blender about 10 months ago, I use blueprints for basic mechanics in UE, writing code is way above my skillset for now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…You know how to code in C++?..UE 5.4 just came out, it has some nice new features, skeletal retargeting for one…My project is built in UE 5.2 though, It will eventually get transferred to 5.4

Yeah, if you have some spare time and want to contribute a model or something, that would be awesome bro, or some game mechanics, whatever…So far I made the Myers, Strode, Wallace and Doyle houses with full interiors, im working on the Elrod house and Annie and Lynda’s house

I would love to eventually have accurate replicas of all the locations from H1 and H2 with full interiors, so yeah other than the models I mentioned, its free game lol, the schools, hardware store , HMH, Smiths Grove…

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I did its been so long since ive done any coding so i would need to get back into again but creating models, sprites etc wouldnt require me to get used to it again but im going to get back into the coding side and damn alot more version of the engine since i used it then lol

And ill help you with the modelling, you give me some locations and ill spend some time analysing each place to create, spend alot of time trying to get things perfect so i wont settle for anything but perfection lol

Yeah they constantly have updates, lots lol…Sounds cool bro! You pick one, something that you would love to see in game, cause if you love it , it ain’t work :grin: Anything from H1 or H2 other than the models I mentioned…Make it as accurate as possible, doesn’t have to be perfect though, but thats cool too if thats how you do :slightly_smiling_face:

The map is always in nighttime, you can get away with a lot if its not blasted with sunlight lol, but it does look fairly good still even in daytime shots, just needs more work filling out the map.

Some of the remaining models are kinda tough because there’s not much reference material, like HMH, even on google earth the reference is not good, and Smiths Grove is not even shown in H1 or H2, would need some artistic liberties there for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: