HalloweeN II OC Skull Pumpkin

_While I liked the one I did for Randy. I made some changes on this one. I brought the skull forward some more. I had to set it a little sideways inside the pumpkin to fit better to allow it to sit further out. When you open it, it is straight. I attached mor webbing to the face ihis time. I love the way this came out aswell.


Love it!!! :drinkers:

Ohhhhh man I can’t wait to get it!!! Thanks soo much Matt!!! That is nuts!!!

Very nice work I want one :mrgreen:

Whoa thats just unexplainely awesome Matt. please pm me when your making some more.


Manolis. :mrgreen:

Now that has the be the coolest dang pumpkin ive ever seen, bravo on that on Matt. :rock:

Man! You need to make a full video of that :astonished: :astonished:
Again awesome work!!

:rock: I think that makes you the Pumpkin King doesn’t it… :open_mouth: I think so :open_mouth:

Great work, Matt. Does it also play the theme, like some sort of twisted scary music box? If not, there’s your “super deluxe” model. :smiley:

To cool! :smiling_imp:
Great job! :smiley:

All of your pumpkins are great, but this one really steals the show.
Awesome work, buddy!

Best Jack-O ever brother! I want it!!! Amazing work. :drinkers:

No this one doesn’t play music because Matt already did me a custom H! opening JOL with soundbox for opening theme. So this one I didn’t have him do. These 2 will look incredible side by side Matt! I can’t wait to get it. YOu are extremely talented! Thanks everyone for the comments on it.

_Im like ralphie in Christmas story when hes in the classroom and all the kids are cheering for him…lol

Thanks everyone for the compliments and all pms have been answered._

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. :drinkers: :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :laughing:

very creative ,great job…


That is one awesome jack-o Matthew! :rock:

Looks really cool I have been waiting for someone to do a H2 pumpkin like this.


Wow - now THAT is the H2 JOL to have :open_mouth: Amazing work, Matt - I’ve got to get one of those before too long. Absolutely amazing :rock: