Halloween III Witch "Hagatha" Pics Request

Hi everyone,

I’m after some good reference pictures of the Hagatha witch mask from H3. I’ve found lots of good ones in the gallery as well as some in the forums, but I can’t find any with the hood removed. I particularly need to see the ears. Anybody got some good photos of a hoodless hag? Any pictures would be most appreciated. :smiley:

Thanks all,


Looked everywhere for you, production pics etc, Cant find one pic without the hood… Arrrggghhhh :imp:
Let me know if you eventually find a pic, I want to see them too.


Damn. Thanks for trying anyway, my friend. I surely will post a picture, if I find one.


I got a Blank… :smiley: From bry…

Sounds great! Got any pictures? :slight_smile:

Looks Hi res to me !

Thanks for that, puckface. If anyone has any other pictures of a hoodless hag, I would still appreciate it. As the pull in that picture seems to be distorted (i.e. she isn’t stretched out completely, making the ear appear closer to the face).

Thank guys,