***Halloween Kills & Halloween Ends Discussion***


I was on the fence about the 2018 movie; I won’t go into details, but I like how they say it is their Trilogy and how someone else will come along after them… I personally can’t wait for this crappy Trilogy to end. Then maybe we can get a half decent, suspense-filled modern take, without Laurie!

These guys are all in it for the money. Even Carpenter at this point. They’re getting rich off exploiting the character.

This is true of every film in the franchise other than the original and maybe Halloween III. Every sequel/remake in this franchise exists solely to make money, whether it’s Carpenter, the Akkads, or Blumhouse piloting the ship.

I still don’t understand how fans could complain this much about getting two more Halloween’s. No shit they’re in it for the money that’s how they make their money lol. I’m just happy we get the shape in 2 more movies. I do agree with getting rid of Laurie she’s proved her point by now but. One the less I’m just happy to see new Halloween’s in theaters still

Agreed, people will just always whine, complain and bitch about shit they should be thankful for.

It all depends on why you watch Halloween movies. If you just want to sit down, eat some popcorn, and watch Michael kill some people, then the quality of the movie doesn’t really matter. But if you’re like me and many others and look for real quality of plot, character, and atmosphere in your Halloween movie then you’re likely to be disappointed. It’s that simple.

Well said

I doubt it will ever be done right again. I’m not complaining just stating facts. We already got a reimagined one from Rob and that was ok but you either liked it or hated it. Some think it’s way better than the original?!? Anyway huge Myers fans judge all the movies by either H1 or H2 and let’s face it…those days are over. The audience these days get bored easy and need gore , quick kills, action, action, and cgi. So will there be more films??? Probably , but they won’t ever compare to the one from 1978.

The ONLY way to make a new one is to do like they did psycho remake where every line and scene is shot exactly the way the original was. I’m talking about the psycho with Vince Vaughn. But then people will complain about it not being original. I would pay to see it. They would need to film in the same neighborhood from original and a lot has changed, especially for the first scene sequence. Imagine blocking all the traffic to use original house.

This is why, here’s my critic opinion on the first Blumhouse film, all valid points.
fan letter.png

Michael vanished after being shot 6 times in 1978… that is where it ends for me, nothing has delivered a solid sequel to that film, so far…

Sorry, but I am a hardcore 78 fan, and I just don’t understand why there always needs to be explaining, or locking up, or escaping, or coming back again and again plot points.

ALTHOUGH, I enjoyed certain parts of the 2018 film, such as the random killing, the music, and the eerie opening scene. I still think H2 holds up better, but it is completely disposable because of the sister plot.

You could of still used part 2 without the sister plot. He just had a obsession with her.

My hope is that after this particular story ends with these next two movies, is that it starts fresh with Michael with whole new characters, and a whole new path to venture down, for perhaps the 50th anniversary.

As said in that write up, he’s urban legend status now, and some believe he’s real, some believe he’s made up. Yet a mysterious figure starts to appear around the town, randomly following people and being curious of them, then shifting to others who maybe he thinks are more interesting.

People start to think they are being watched or followed, and those who actually get a glimpse of him and know they are being watched, will tell others about it and the others will not believe them. As it starts to get dark, he gets closer to them. And we go from there.

When people start turning up dead, the people who no one believed saw anyone will start to get the attention of those who wrote them off as being crazy. And we go on from there. All the while, you utilize light and shadows, suspense of him lurking not knowing exactly where he will appear, when he will appear. Keeping his face and mask obscured for basically the whole movie until the very end when things have reached the boiling point.

No Strodes, no family stuff, no doctors, no nothing that connects him to the original other than the murders of 78. Ever since that night in 78, the town has created an urban legend of the Boogeyman who lurks in the shadows on Halloween night. It freaks some of the people out, while others just laugh it off like people are crazy.

As I said before, and this is something that has been missing in horror films for a long time now, is not seeing the killer in full view for the majority of the film. I don’t want to see the mask or face or full body from head to toe, until the climax comes around. Until then, just some legs, maybe an arm, an obscured unfocused shot from a distance, the shoulder, boots slowly walking, etc.

That is a lost art in horror these days, and was always effective as hell in films like Halloween and early Friday the 13th films. They need to bring that element back. It’s much more scary when we never get a good look at the killer in full view until the climax. Then it’s like oh shit here we go when they do finally start to appear in full view.

With that said, I did enjoy the 2018 film for what it was, a fun romp in the Myers/Strode timeline, and I do look forward to seeing how they handle the rest of that story in these next two films. But going forward, I want to see a return to form. We need to really reset Michael Myers into a whole new cast of characters unrelated to the past, and really get him back to being the shadow lurking Boogeyman.

Some of this thread & others is leaning towards “if you don’t like it (RZ,2018 ECT.) How can you call yourself a fan”? :laughing: I had someone tell me I wasn’t a true Star Wars fan once because I didn’t like the prequels? Give me a break. Crap is crap & I won’t sugarcoat it. I will give these new films a chance of course & hope for the best. :myers:

They could explain that part 2 (81) was a dream or at least parts of it.

After the events of Halloween (78) Laurie is indeed taken to HMH by Jimmy and Budd in the ambulance, and admitted by Dr Mixter and the rest of the staff. However, she was so hysterical and freaking out that they gave her meds to calm her down and make her sleep. When she finally wakes up in the morning, everything that happend in H2 (the shape coming after her, Loomis blowing up the hospital) was all a dream.

I look at it as… it’s Halloween. the original didn’t really have much in the way of plot that really leaves it open for more exploration. I mean, it’s about a madman who goes out and kills a bunch of kids on Halloween night. I don’t mean this as an insult to the original or to the franchise, because the reason it works to me is largely BECAUSE of the simplicity- it didn’t have any extraneous story threads left frayed and hanging- it was pure and simple in-the-moment type of scare. At the same time, it doesn’t give you much room to grow. What do you really do with that, creatively? I mean, the sequels did the obvious thing of trying to explore Michael’s backstory, but that works against the spirit of the original because a big part of the fear is centered on the unknown- the barely seen.

I found Halloween (2018) to be quite disjointed tonally- like it didn’t quite find their own footing but the characterization was pretty solid, and for what they were going for (which essentially seems to be Halloween: The Force Awakens) I think they did a decent job expanding the mythos that Carpenter originally provided without casting too much light on the mystery. Not super excited about the double bill, but I’m willing to watch for sure.

Basically Laurie spent 40 years training how to shoot guns, survive on her own, build a fortress filled with bobby-traps all to catch MM, and ultimately in the end… she failed.

I agree. It’s why all these sequels that add anything feel wrong somehow. None of these sequels, even the better ones (that I really like because I enjoy the genre) haven’t risen above typical slasher films. I think it’s reasonable to expect these new ones to reach that level as well. It’s insane to hold them to the standard of the first film, because that is not the standard of this franchise as a whole or most movies in general. Halloween 2018 was easily better than about half the movies in the franchise though, and I am satisfied with that.

This description pretty much sums up my thoughts as well. They should have gone that route and maybe had it so once he started killing in Haddonfield, Laurie would have heard somehow and ventured back to confront him (if they really wanted Jamie Lee Curtis). But I’ve been discussing this very concept with friends who I’m working on a Halloween project with. This is the direction we want to go in. No existing characters other than Michael and maybe a mention of past events for the sake of enforcing the idea that he has become a legend that parents tell their kids about when they misbehave. He should be a shadow, moving in and out of the environment in a way that makes people second guess what they are seeing, much like Laurie in the first film. And I like the idea of seeing the aftermath of kills.

I think when done right it is much scarier to see a slight glimpse of Michael but not show the whole mask until the end of the film. The aftermath of the kills however can be shown for the purpose of showing how brutal Michael can be. So you have a blend of bloody/gory murder scenes for the modern audiences and tension/suspense and all the elements of what made the original such a classic.

Carpenter is at least open and honest about being in it for the money though.

More of something doesn’t always mean the more is good though. I’m glad the franchise is still kicking and popular, but we all have different standards as to the type of Halloween film that most excites us and some of us would rather have something different than what H:40 brought, just like H:20 and the Rob Zombie films prior had their fans and detractors.
The last Halloween series entry that suffers from no real controversy and is genuinely well liked (even if others do enjoy some entries after it more) is Halloween IV back in 1988. With Friday the 13th you have to go back to Jason Lives for a universally respected entry (ANOES had A New Nightmare that brought life back to it after a couple of dud entries). I think Child’s Play is the only big horror series from the 70’s and 80’s to have any sort of entry (entries in its’ case) that is generally well respected by the majority of its’ long time fan base in the modern era (late 90’s and on).