Okay so before anyone yells at me, here me out. In Halloween Kills, Karen looks up into the window if the Myers house. She sees a young Michael, clown cosplay and all. My theory is that THIS is the ghost of Michael Myers. The killer we all know today is a body inhabbited by (read the Halloween Curtis Richards Novel to find out). The young Michael in the window I think represents that he died on Halloween, 1963. What do YOU think?

Cool idea, but it would make waaay more sense if Michael actually died in 1978 and his ghost then inhabits someone else… but even then there are too many inconsistencies for this theory to work. It just doesn’t fit the DGG story line.

This is almost the storyline to Jason Goes to Hell

Absolutely not what the novel was trying to convey…The spirit of enda was said to walk the earth but the relation was that it could of been the voice telling him what to do…if it was enda…there would be no voice talking to michael. Sorry the novel is my fave.

I know, I meant the dude from the novel was in Myers’ body. Not what was said, just my theory. Or maybe just that Myers is dead.

I still for the life of me don’t understand the entire window thing in kills. Idk why it was pushed so hard, it made zero sense from the get go, I can see if it was addressed in the original or any single sequel but it was not. The ending and the window thing are the things that turn me off with kills. Otherwise it was on pace with what I was expecting