Halloween Resurrection...

It’s one of the worst horror movies ever imo. I’m pretty sure I already know that’s what everyone else is going to say, however I love starting discussions so what would be your review of Resurrection? my score is a 0.001/5 (the 0.001 because it’s hilarious to watch busta rhymes tell Michael to “SCOOT” while high).

You know I agree 100% with you on that dude lol ‘‘I LEFT THE BACK DO’ UNCLOCKED FOR YO ASS’’

I give it 2 out of 10 due to the start of it being fairly ok! The WORST Halloween movie on my list is RZ H2, that movie is GARBAGE, I hate it!!!

I like when he says trick or treat mother f@&$&@. Pretty corny though

It reminds me of that line from leprechaun “F@CK YOU LUCKY CHARMS”

I agree 100% and I’d rank it the same way as you :wink:

:supz: :drinkers: heck yeah man!

It’s an absolute trainwreck, yet I watch it a couple times a year for some reason I can’t explain.

I don’t mind being in the minority. I like it. Especially got a lot of love for the mask
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Really? I’d take both RZ’s way over everything that came after the original H2 haha :laughing:
To Ressurection…probably the worst one with H3 in the franchise :neutral_face:

Can I ask what you like about it? … the movie is the best example of milking the franchise for all its worth even if it means ruining a great ending in h20, imagine if the franchise ended there, the legacy would be amazing, but yet they go out on goddamn busta rymes doing karate on michael are you kidding me… all the work loomis did to try to stop michael all he had to do was call up busta rymes and give him a few kicks :unamused:
I can see why people like the mask and part of the beginning but the rest…

I actually like all of resurrection. I like how it takes place in the myers house. I like the style of directing. I especially like brad loree as michael. The opening scene is awesome, and so is the ending, where he wakes up in the body bag. Also, the halloween theme in this one is one of the best.

…the acting is terrible…the movie is a complete gimmick with the internet live broadcasting thing with dangertainment… i dont see how the actor who played myers was special at all he just walked with really no style, and when busta rymes is swearing and name calling michael telling him to skedaddle, he just zombie walks away, it baffles me how people are fans of this movie

I like Halloween 3 :mrgreen:

Dude I agree a 100% with you man, you hit the nail on the head :smiley: :myers:

I love halloween 3, people don’t like it because it doesn’t have Myers but, the the title shouldn’t change the movie, its a great concept, i feel it would be more loved if it wasn’t called halloween and rather just season of the witch.

Resurrection is just hard to watch. Could you imagine Busta Rhymes in the original Halloween and telling Michael off. Michael in that movie would of just slowly cocked his head to one side and then ram his knife right down Bustas throat lol and not just walk away.

I actually kinda wish they went in the anthology direction. There’s only so much you can do with Michael Myers killing people, h4 was great but wasn’t necessary and it went really downhill from there with the only silver lining being h20s great ending (witch was ruined by resurrection).

Difference of opinion. We’ll leave it at that.

It has my favorite mask besides the first one. I think Brad Loree was great. It also had the most detailed recreation of the Myers house.