Halloween started today at my house...

Halloween began today at my house. In order to get others into the spirit I grabbed the Raining Red, suited up and brought Samhain to the people…

I had a haircut this morning…

Then I stopped by the office…

…and then had a meeting with the Marketing department.

Happy Halloween Michael-Myers.net. Get out there and raise hell!

Very Cool :rock:

That’s awesome dude, I love how freaked out people get when they see ol’ mike coming at them. You make a good Myers :rock:

Awesome!! :smiley:

Nice! :laughing:

That was awesome, I liked how the woman in the salon said she didn’t like that stuff, but if it were me I wouldn’t have taken the mask off at all, Just my opinon. I like most of us also go into Myers mode and scare the crap outta people. When you scared her I was like hell yes!!! I love it when women seem like thier gonna crap their pants when they see Michael up close, Good stuff man…Dean

Very nice bra’. Haha gotta love when they squeel.lol

Ah - the sweet smell of fear :smiling_imp:

awesome videos! :smiley:

good stuff. :rock:

Sweet, have a Happy Halloween!